Currently there is no known cure for Misophonia.

However, members of our forum and the Yahoo Support Group have some suggestions to help reduce the negativity.

You can find out more by clicking here

In the meantime you many want to consider purchasing some ear plugs from our store or from Macks Ear Plugs, white noise generators may also help or a personal music device to help block the noise. Please also see the links under “Useful Tools” at the bottom of the website.

Please keep in mind that avoidance may make the condition worse for some people so please use in moderation.

Currently, some members have found Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to be of use, a good diet and exercise helps reduce stress and monitoring your thought process seems to help as well.

Don’t give up, there are ways to reduce the symptoms and make your life easier.

Below you will find some tools that might help you deal with the negative emotions that come with Misophonia

Neuro Programmer 3 – To help retrain your brain

Hypnosis Session for Misophonia

Self hypnosis audio from hypnosis for Misophonia